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READ MORE ... March 17 2018 19:48:48. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Moorside Reds (Cup) 17.03.18

This was the first time we had met this season due to previous postponements and it was the second game in the Supplementary Cup fixtures.


READ MORE ... March 17 2018 19:47:02. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Swinton Tigers (Cup) 10.03.18

This was the first game in the Supplementary Cup group stages. The pitch was very heavy going after a number of large down pours making it look more like a quagmire rather than a football pitch.


READ MORE ... March 17 2018 19:44:05. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Swinton Lions 24.02.18

It was a slightly mixed game today with moments that looked like Beechfield was on fire and others where they sat back waiting for Swinton to come at them. Beechfield did create a lot of chances, with some lovely crosses from Adam, Jack, Bradley and Oliver, it was unfortunate they were intercepted b


READ MORE ... March 17 2018 19:41:23. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Winton JFC Yellow 17.02.18

The ground was wet and soggy this morning, which made it hard going yet we still produced some great football. It was end to end stuff with constant pressure Adam and Jack defended well for Lewis to come and scoop up the ball.


READ MORE ... February 06 2018 12:29:57. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Deans Tigers - 28.01.18

With kick off just after 11 the rain had stayed off just long enough for the game to get underway. With a Beechfield kick off, Deans were soon to push forward and dispossess Beechfield off the ball. This didn’t deter Beechfield with Adam making a quick interception and play the ball through to Bra


READ MORE ... January 23 2018 20:39:17. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Barr HIll Clubs 13.01.18

The first game of 2018 was underway with Beechfield in possession and within moments began to place the opposition under pressure. Adam made a run, crossed the ball into Alex for Jacob to pick up and pass to Charlie, who made a lovely flick forward and struck the ball, narrowly missing and hitting


READ MORE ... December 06 2017 23:25:05. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v - Winton JFC Yellow - 18.11.17

It was a mixed performance today, with some tough challenges faced by the team. Each player had to work hard to apply pressure and reduce the chances from the opposition. As Beechfield battled to win the ball, they were able to make some strong challenges to maintain control. However, the oppositio


READ MORE ... December 06 2017 21:29:49. By Chris Wallis - A brilliant game against Fives Athletic - 04.11.17

U12s Tornadoes maintained their winning streak by taking their 4th successive win, which was very well deserved after an outstanding performance by the whole team. The game started at a fast pace with the boys showing their strength and stamina throughout the game.


READ MORE ... October 25 2017 23:09:43. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Swinton Lions 21.10.17

After meeting Swinton on two previous occasions, the team had something to prove having lost both times. The game started and continued at a fast pace as Beechfield created some great chances on goal. The wind was against the team in the first half yet that didn’t seem to reduce the effort and ma


READ MORE ... October 17 2017 22:07:48. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V. Flixton Panthers 14.10.17

The sun was out today and the team seemed to prefer the weather as they began and continued to show some excellent passing. As Rafael passed the ball to Adam, he made a great run to get the ball to Theo creating a chance on goal, unfortunately the opposition’s defence was too strong. The chances k


READ MORE ... October 10 2017 21:14:37. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Salford United 07.10.17

The match this week was a mixture of highs and lows, which against a good opposition and a sluggish start from us it provided them with opportunities to score goals. That said there were some good performances; with strong defensive tackling from Rafael and Jack as well as some controlled distributi


READ MORE ... October 10 2017 21:11:27. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Flixton Pumas 30.09.17

The Challenge Cup campaign started this weekend where the Tornadoes faced a strong team. With great defending from Alex and Theo nearly scoring from a deflection they were creating a number of good opportunities. With a super shot from Flixton they went 1-0 up shortly into the game placing additiona


READ MORE ... September 26 2017 23:35:53. By Chris Wallis - Manchester Maccabi Cubs 24.09.17

Tornadoes made a great start to the competitive season with an away win at Salford Sports Village. The team came together to display some lovely football with the boys putting together some great passes, which presented numerous opportunities for goals. Rafael, Alex and Charlie demonstrated some go


READ MORE ... April 29 2017 21:14:59. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Fives Athletic 29.04.17

With the season soon coming to an end the team came out really well to produce some great passing between Charlie and Harley, along with Jacob and Adam. With chances from the opposition Jacob, Rafael, Luke and Jack remained strong in defence and, when required Lewis did well to come out strongly and


READ MORE ... April 17 2017 21:44:01. By Chris Wallis - Monton Dragons -v- Tornadoes

With only 8 in the team today and as the sun shined the boys had some work to do, however, they played an exciting game. We started well with Luke and Rafael making some good clearances and tracking back to stay strong in defence. Following this Bradley, Harley and Oliver showed some lovely football


READ MORE ... April 04 2017 22:23:25. By Chris Wallis - Barr Hill Aces v Beechfield Tornadoes 01.04.17

Entering the quarter final for the Challenge Cup, we knew it would be a tough match. As the match kicked off the boys played really well to meet the challenges faced by the opposition. With lovely control from Harley and strong tackles it was turning out to be an interesting match with a good save f


READ MORE ... April 04 2017 22:20:56. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Moorside Yellows 25.03.17

This was the third game in the Supplementary Cup Challenge Tournament, which was going to be a competitive game and could go either way. After 11 minutes we were 3-0 down and needed to work hard to pull this back. With a good save from Lewis , running and battling from Charlie and Rafael we hadn’t


READ MORE ... March 19 2017 21:26:47. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Swinton Lions 18.03.17

We were unsure whether we would need a canoe or a football for Saturday's match as the rain came down overnight. Fortunately we were one of the lucky few to get a game on a reasonable pitch except for the one puddle in the goal mouth!


READ MORE ... March 13 2017 23:51:46. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Fives Athletic 11.03.17

It was great to see the sun was out for the first game in a couple of weeks and Tornadoes were ready to give the opposition a good game. The game started at a great pace seeing chances from the outset and with some great passes by Adam, Charlie and Harley, as well as battling from Jacob, Oliver, Bra


READ MORE ... February 12 2017 10:48:44. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Moorside Yellows 11.02.17

What is always a fairly even game, Moorside didn’t fail to challenge us through out and with no substitutions the boys had to find some extra juice from somewhere.


READ MORE ... February 07 2017 21:10:30. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Swinton Tigers 04.02.17

For the first game after the winter break the pitch presented some challenges, in places seeming more like an ice rink than a football pitch!


READ MORE ... January 18 2017 22:58:58. By Chris Wallis - More fun and games

Fun and games at the party.


READ MORE ... January 18 2017 22:57:27. By Chris Wallis - Fun and games over the festive period.

After a successful bag pack, the boys went on to enjoy the Christmas party. Well done boys and thank you Mum and Dads for your support.


READ MORE ... November 27 2016 21:27:57. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V Monton Dragons 26.11.16

Today’s match was a story of two very different halves; the first leaving us 2 nil down at half time after some unfortunate decisions made against us and at times only glimmers of drive, we had work to do. However, with some great moves from Oliver, Harley, Raphael, Luke, and Theo, the whole team


READ MORE ... November 12 2016 21:33:34. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Winton JFC Yellow

It was touch and go whether the match would go ahead today with the rain overnight, however, we managed to get a game. Having moved to a different group and the proposition of facing new challenging teams meant the team had to be on their toes on a very sodden pitch. Going a goal down shortly into t


READ MORE ... November 06 2016 13:36:34. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Flixton Panthers 05.11.16

After heavy rain overnight we arrived to a pitch that could best be described as quagmire making standing up difficult at times, however, this didn’t stop the boys from producing an outstanding all round performance.


READ MORE ... October 29 2016 19:57:12. By Chris Wallis - U11 Tornadoes V Winton JFC Blue 29.10.16

It was a soggy Salford morning for our second cup match with no substitutions and an earlier kick off it seemed to take the boys a moment to wake up and saw the opposition take the lead. With no lack of determination we applied the pressure and with some good attempts on goal by Charlie and Adam as


READ MORE ... October 22 2016 19:07:33. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v AFC Monton Dynamos 22.10.16

For the first Cup game the boys came out strong and after only 5 minutes into the game Charlie took us ahead, out skilling the defenders and belting the ball into the back of the net. With some lovely passes down the line from Adam to Bradley they were pushing for more, however, the opposition didn


READ MORE ... October 16 2016 21:49:08. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes V South Manchester Lions 16.10.16

After a busy weekend fitting in a friendly as well as the match both produced winning results, the friendly acting as a good warm up for the game today. The whistle blew and only 4 minutes in we were awarded a free kick just outside the area, which Jack stepped up to take. With one of Jack’s usu


READ MORE ... October 09 2016 21:48:48. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Fives Athletics 08.10.16

This week was a game of two very different halves. The first half showed some good passing from the team; Jack passing down the wing to Charlie and with a strong cross into Adam allowed him to finish with a great goal and took us ahead. Applying increased pressure on the opposition they helped to t


READ MORE ... October 02 2016 19:22:41. By Chris Wallis - Tornadoes v Manchester Maccabi Scorpions 02.10.16

Where parents thought today would be the start of the cold season, it turned into a warm Sunday morning watching a great game of football. The first half was full of action with a great goal from Jack who took advantage of a well delivered corner. The team were full of running, making it difficult


READ MORE ... September 17 2016 21:27:44. By Chris Wallis - Flixton Pumas v U11 Tornadoes 17.09.16

The team had to give 110% this week to compete with strong opposition and with goals galore, from both sides it made for an exciting game. With Bradley scoring two goals in the first half, Jack taking and scoring from a superb 30 yard free kick, put the team on a high.


READ MORE ... September 10 2016 18:05:47. By Chris Wallis - Moorside Rangers Green v Beechfield Tornadoes

For the first game of the season the sun shone for the team. With 10 players, the introduction of the offside rule, a bigger pitch and goals, it was a little like stepping into the unknown. It took them all a few minutes to get out of the starting blocks, which saw Moorside take the lead. Beechfield


READ MORE ... March 12 2016 12:19:47. By Dave Wood - U10 supp tournament

Tornadoes had an early kick off today in the Supplementary tournament. The game was at moor side high on a very small Astro turf pitch. There was very little room on a fast surface and this made for an exciting end to end encounter. Although Tornadoes had the best of a tight first half shots were fe


READ MORE ... February 16 2016 11:12:33. By Dave Wood - Ladybridge Lions v Beechfield Tornadoes

It was a freezing wind blowing across the Ladybridge pitch. Beechfield came out with all guns blazing after having had very few matches this season. With keeper Ben Davies out with an injury , Lewis Wallis deputised in goal and was definitely up to the task . His bravery stopped at least one certain


READ MORE ... November 08 2015 12:25:11. By Dave Wood - Flixton Pumas v Tornadoes


READ MORE ... October 24 2015 14:01:33. By Dave Wood - Winton Wanderers v Tornadoes 24/10

After last weeks performance I thought the team would find this weeks game tougher . Down to a flat seven and no substitutes. Lewis Wallis had to deputise for the in form Ben Davies . Theo Valentine came back into the heart of the defence with a difficult task of matching Jacks superb display from


READ MORE ... October 20 2015 22:13:52. By Dave Wood - Cup match report Monton Dynamos 17/10/15

A great birthday present for the coach as the Tornadoes opened there cup campaign with a disciplined performance.. Some excellent control of the midfield by Kayden and Harley who were first to every ball . Also when losing possession the wing players Charlie and Adam tracking back throughout the gam


READ MORE ... October 20 2015 21:58:10. By Dave Wood - Kids Christmas party

Parents its that time of year again. Jump Nation is looking favourite for our Christmas party.


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  Jack Fitton

  Theo Valentine

  Adam Wood

  Luke Moss

  Harley Kirk

  Charlie Mulvenna

  Bradley Oliver

  Oliver Lomas

  Rafael Silviera

  Jacob Sayburn

  Alexander Effio

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