POSTED: April 12 2018 14:29:02. By Oscar Courtney - OLD TRAFFORD U8 V U8 TORNADOES

Wednesday 11th April, KO 7pm, Seymour Park, Supplementary Cup.

Sadly we were out of our depth and outclassed.

Again, on the back of two comprehensive league wins early on in the season, we've been put in to the wrong cup group. And again we've paid the price!

There were spells in the game where we defended well and strung a couple of moves together. However, there was also plenty of spells where we look very disjointed, couldn't pass the ball to a team mate and seemed very disorganised. On the whole I was saddened by the chasing of the ball, the poor marking at times and the lack of awareness.

So, there were no goals scored for us and, but for some good periods of stout defending and resolute goal keeping, I think it could have been double figures for them.

As a coach, it's very disheartening to feel that you're not developing and improving your players. However, as previously stated, there were glimpses of hope in the game and I'll carry on focussing on that and trying to turn our lads in to footballers.
Back to the drawing board!


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