POSTED: May 07 2019 10:01:51. By Richard James - MONTON SPORTS V TORNADOES

Saturday 4th May, Welbeck Road, KO 9:30am, League.

Once again the vagaries of the SDFL fixture computer paired the Tornadoes with Monton Sports, back at Welbeck Road. And this time the snack bar was closed!

Although I wasn't at this game, I'm informed by Richard that it was played on the cricket pitch this time.

Strangely this seemed to make the game a little bit scrappy, with the surface suiting Monton Sports a bit better.

Sadly, the boys got off to a bad start and as a result we were always chasing the game.

Despite this, it was a game dominated by good defensive play by both teams, peppered with some great moments of brilliance from both teams.

Although, Stewart nearly clawed us back in to the game, there's no legislating for a spectacular goal from Monton.

Add in to the mix a brilliant display from their keeper and it was, on the day, just a step too far.

Stewart netted a brace for us, with Eddie notching the other and Dylan picked up the MOTM award for another great defensive display.


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