POSTED: April 21 2020 21:41:04. By Keith Long - Please Stay Safe Stay At Home

Sound and sensible advice during the Coronavirus Pandemic from the players of Beechfield United U/11's Lightning and Hurricanes teams. You are a credit to yourselves and the club.

Beechy Lightning Top Photo.

Theo Hayward, Daniel Keene, Jai Devani-White, Eesa Afzal, Ben Lawrie, Alfie Latham, Sean Cosgrove, Rafael Perez-Rios, Daniel Robinson, Idean Moghimi.

Beechy Hurricanes Bottom Photo.

Joshua Whitehead, Henry Errington, Oliver Dalton-Bunker, Thomas Robinson, Reece Cartwright, Alfie Rostron, Oliver Hall, Jamie Maher, Oliver Williams, Dillan Caldwell, Fabio Figueiredo, Daniel Robinson, Enzo Patrick, Jack Rostron.

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