POSTED: April 28 2022 10:55:50. By Keith Long - Friendly Match Victory For Beechy Ladies

After almost twenty days since their previous game Beechfield United Ladies were back in action with a Friendly Match against Flixton Ladies.

*On Thursday Evening 21st April 2022 Beechy travelled to their opponents ground and thanks to a couple of first half goals were able to secure a 2-0 victory. Beechy were on the attack straight from the kick-off and Sophie Addison combined with Amie Barratt who's effort was saved by the hosts keeper. Great defending by Alice Mosley and Monique Pollard denied Flixton Ladies the chance to grab the lead as the hosts created two counter-attacks. Beechy's keeper Shauna Smith made a comfortable save after Flixton's No18 had beaten the offside trap but due to the uneven playing surface play at times was rather scrappy. Beechy took the lead in the 9th minute following a goalmouth scramble when Bethany Hill got the final touch to force the ball into the net from close range.

A quick passing move involving Aimee Greenwood and Sophie Addison set-up a chance for Amie Barratt who's shot from outside the area missed the target. Beechy's back four Kirsten Elrick, Alice Mosley, Bethany Hill and Monique Pollard were forced to defend against a succession of throw-in's awarded to their opponents. Stacy Partridge and Becky Topping instigated another counter-attack and Aimee Greenwood went close after a pinpoint pass from Sophie Addison. A free kick to Flixton caused a slight panic for Beechy but a well timed clearance by Rosie Moorcroft sent the ball onto Monique Pollard who combined with Becky Topping to get Beechy going forward again. Both keepers weren't really tested in the first half hour and another period of scrappy play threatened to ruin the game.

Overall Beechy enjoyed a greater share of the ball and three teriffic corners by Stacy Partridge should have led to another goal before Sophie Addison made it 2-0 after forty two minutes. Beechy's substitutes Megan Mirfield, Emily Walmsley and Jess Lawson who was making her debut were introduced at the start of the second half while Stacy Partridge took on the role of goalkeeper and Shauna Smith reverted to her normal position in the back four. At the end of Flixton's first attack in the second period the hosts No17 blasted the ball over the crossbar then Emily Walmsley and Monique Pollard defended superbly following two more attacks from the hosts.

An effort from Aimee Greenwood forced a corner and Jess Lawson's flag kick curled into the area was palmed away by the Flixton keeper. The second half was more entertaining and despite the bobbly pitch Beechy passed the ball with much more accuracy. Twice Flixton's No10 and No14 combined in quick passing moves and Stacy Partridge displayed her goalkeeping skills supported by some good defending by Emily, Megan, Bethany and Shauna. A fine effort from Sophie Addison won Beechy another corner following a quick attack involving Monique Pollard, Becky Topping and Amie Barratt.

Beechy used the roll-on-roll-off substitute system again when Kirsten, Rosie and Alice were back on the pitch and in the latter stages of the game Beechy went close a few times to another goal. Terrific play by Rosie Moorcroft set-up a chance for Kirsten Elrick who fired the ball over the crossbar then after a solo run Bethany Hill fired the ball at the keeper and Player of the Match Sophie Addison almost added the finish to a quick passing move through the midfield.

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