POSTED: January 11 2017 12:42:28. By Keith Long - Win 12 Months Aspire Membership

As part of our charter standard award we have been given 2 x 12 months memberships to aspire gyms, as a club we have decided to offer everyone a chance to win these memberships, we will choose a night of the national lottery and use the bonus ball as a winning number, we will be asking for a donation of £5 pounds a Number and whoever's number matches that of the bonus ball drawn out on that evening will win the tickets these tickets are valued at £350, if you would like to take part please let your managers know asap and They will pay the ticket price for you and you can pay them back at the next game

Bonus ball draw date Saturday 28th January 2017
first come first served.

Your numbers will be drawn out of a hat and displayed
On the Beechy website before the actual draw is made.

Thanks for your continued support,

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