POSTED: July 04 2018 21:11:23. By Keith Long - 2018 Junior Presentation Event (Part Two)

On Sunday 1st July Part Two of Beechfield United Football Club 2018 Junior Annual Presentation event took place and once again the venue was Swinton Park Golf Club. The teams involved were the U/13's, U/14's, U/15's, U/16's and keeping up with tradition every player received an individual trophy. The individual major award winners in each age group were as follows:

UNDER 13's STORM. Player of the Year - Samuel Oludoyi, Managers Merit - Luke Carr, Sportsman of the Year - Zion Agbiji.

UNDER 13's THUNDER. Player of the Year - Louie Percival, Managers Merit - Jake O'Sullivan, Sportsman of the Year - Prince Idusuyi, Goal of the Season - William Whipday, Top Goal Scorer - Prince Idusuyi, Most Improved Player - Callum Snaith.

UNDER 13's TORNADOES. Player of the Year - Patrick Walsh, Managers Merit - Andrew Woodward, Sportsman of the Year - Max Chidgey, Golden Boot (38 Goals) - Alan Kay, Most Improved Players - Taylor O'Brien & Lucas Madden.

UNDER 14's TORNADOES. Player of the Year - Player of the Year - Matthew Bennett, Managers Merit - Cael Malloy, Sportsman of the Year - Max O'Brien.

UNDER 15's TORNADOES. Player of the Year - Jonathan Mayingi, Managers Merit - George Leigh, Sportsman of the Year - Jonathan Mayingi.

UNDER 16's STORM. Player of the Year - Kayden Craven, Managers Merit - Josh Hayes, Sportsman of the Year - Mike Watlatsi.

COLIN RODEN MEMORIAL TROPHY - Under 13's - Joe Hope. Under 14's - Billy Wadeson. Under 15's - Ellis Taylor. Under 16's - Tom Gorton.

MIKE BRIDGFORD (Junior Team of the Year) - Under 13's Storm.

5 YEAR PLAYER AWARDS. Louie Percival, Sebastian Higson, Prince Idusuyi, Harvey Walker, Ishor Bajgai, Max Chidgey, Ronan Courtney, Brandon Wabayi, Samuel Oludoyi.

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