POSTED: July 07 2019 22:09:25. By Keith Long - Junior Presentation Event 2019 (Part 2)

On Sunday 30th June 2019 players, parents, family members and friends of Beechfield United's Under 13's/Under 14's and Under 16's teams celebrated the 2018/2019 season as the club held Part 2 of their Junior Section Presentation event.

Individual trophies were presented to each player and the main award winners in each age group were:

Under 13's Storm. Player of the Year - Georgi Georgiev. Managers Merit Award - Elliot McClurg-Taylor. Sportsman of the Year - Benjamin Delaney.

Under 13's Tornadoes. Player of the Year - Rafael Silviera. Managers Merit Award - Luke Moss. Sportsman of the Year - Rafael Silviera.

Under 14's Storm. Player of the Year - Joseph Newton. Managers Merit Award - Archie Cooper. Sportsman of the Year - Bailey Lloyd.

Under 14's Tornadoes. Player of the Year - Max Chidgey. Managers Merit Award - Andrew Woodward. Sportsman of the Year - Ben Brown.

Under 14's Thunder. Player of the Year - William Whipday. Managers Merit Award - Konstantin Hristova. Sportsman of the Year - Taonga Mututa.

Under 16's Tornadoes. Player of the Year - Ellis Taylor. Managers Merit Award - Jeanny Le Blanc. Sportsman of the Year - Jonathan Mayingi.

5 Year Awards. Harley Kirk, Bradley Oliver, Charlie Mulvenna, Rafael Silviera, Jack Fitton.

Colin Roden Memorial Trophy. Under 13's - Bradley Oliver. Under 14's - Charlie Richardson. Under 16's - Leighton White.

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