POSTED: July 12 2023 15:47:18 By Keith Long - Junior Section Presentation 7th July 2023

Beechfield United End of Season Junior Section Presentation Part 2 was held at Buile Hill Park on 7/7/2023.

*Junior Team of the Year - U/14's HURRICANES.

Manager of the Year - MATT WHARTON.

U/7's THUNDER - Player of the Year - HARRISON SPENCER, Managers Merit Award - OSCAR SPENCER.

U/8's STORM - Player of the Year - SETH BARBER, Managers Merit Award - Alfie Heighway, Most Improved Player - JACOB FOSTER, Top Goalscorer - SETH BARBER.

U/9's STORM - Player of the Year - MAX SCHOFIELD, Managers Merit Award - KOBE GLASS, Sportsman of the Year - SEB JONES.

U/9's TORNADOES - Player of the Year - CREWE REEVES, Managers Merit Award - JADEN ROYLE, Sportsman of the Year - AIDEN THOMPSON.

U/10's TORNADOES - Player of the Year - JACK HOATSON, Managers Merit Award - ARCHIE CHARLES, Sportsman of the Year - HARVEY PUGH, Top Goalscorer - KAI BARBER.

U/12's STORM - Player of the Year -AMIR AHMADIPOUR, Managers Merit Award - ROMAN SANDAJI, Sportsman of the Year - ELIJAH KNOTT.

U/14's HURRICANES - Player of the Year - OWEN HOGBEN, Managers Mertit Award - JACOB REVELL, Sportsman of the Year - SOPHIYULAH BAKARE.

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