POSTED: July 14 2016 16:01:50. By Keith Long - Junior Section Presentation 2015/2016

Beechfield United Football Club held their 2016 Junior Section Presentation Events at Swinton Park Golf Club. Former Beechy goalkeeper Chris Renshaw who recently signed for Everton FC handed out the trophies at the first event involving the Holding Group to U/10’s teams. At both events every player received an individual trophy but the main award winners in each age group were as follows:

Under 7’s Storm. Player of the Year – Kylan Twigg, Managers Merit Award – Lucas Harris. U/7’s Tornadoes. Player of the Year – Fletcher Jackson, Managers Merit Award – Harvey Riva. U/7’s Hurricanes. Player of the Year – Ethan Harris, Managers Merit Award – Lexi Hiles. U/8’s Storm. Player of the Year – Jack Hanbury, Managers Merit Award – Joshua Kilfoyle. U/8’s Tornadoes. Player of the Year – Joel Thorndyke, Managers Merit Award – Freddie Wardle. U/8’s Hurricanes. Player of the Year – Jayden Walker, Managers Merit Award – Owen Bolton. U/9’s Storm. Player of the Year – George Haywood, Managers Merit Award – Cole Winstanley, Sportsman of the Year – Josh McLoughlin. U/9’s Hurricanes. Player of the Year – Josh Clough, Managers Merit Award – Dominic Roaden, Sportsman of the Year – Georgi Georgiev. U/9’s Typhoon, Player of the Year – Peter Ellis, Managers Merit Award – Joseph Bottomley, Sportsman of the Year – Harley Bentley. U/9’s Lightning. Player of the Year – Demi Jones, Managers Merit Award – Matthew Correy, Sportsman of the Year – William Anderton. U/10’s Storm. Player of the Year – Sam Walton, Managers Merit Award – Tawonga Chirwa, Sportsman of the Year – Sam Walton. U/10’s Tornadoes. Player of the Year – Harley Davidson, Managers Merit Award – Lewis Wallis, Sportsman of the Year – Theo Valentine. U/11’s Storm. Player of the Year – Finley Share, Managers Merit Award – Luke Carr, Sportsman of the Year – Ben Howard. U/11’s Tornadoes. Player of the Year – William Whipday, Managers Merit Award – Alan Kay, Sportsman of the Year – Jamie Butterworth. U/11’s Thunder. Player of the Year – Samuel Oludoyi, Managers Merit Award – Sebastian Higson, Sportsman of the Year – Reiss Miller. U/12’s Storm. Player of the Year – James O’Donnell, Managers Merit Award – George Moorhouse, Sportsman of the Year – James O’Donnell. U/12’s Tornadoes. Player of the Year – Henry Grimes, Managers Merit Award – Thomas Anderson, Sportsman of the Year – Lucas Allen. U/13’s Tornadoes. Player of the Year – Dillon Barnes, Managers Merit Award – Ellis Taylor, Sportsman of the Year – Joe Bardsley. U/14’s Storm. Player of the Year – Dan Delaney, Managers Merit Award – Callum Lomax, Sportsman of the Year – Malachy Woods. U/15’s Predators. Player of the Year – Denford Dvzene, Managers Merit Award – Henry Bonynge, Sportsman of the Year – Robert Boardman. U/15’s Tornadoes. Player of the Year – Joseph Furlong, Managers Merit Award – Troy Walker, Sportsman of the Year – Cameron Peacock. U/16’s. Player of the Year – Bradley Hodges, Managers Merit Award – Joe Haye, Sportsman of the Year – Chris Royle.

Colin Roden Memorial Trophy (Team of the Year) U/7’s Reece Cartwright, U/8’s Owen Hogben, U/9’s Freddie Latham, U/10’s Benjamin Delaney, U/11’s Tom Cox, U/12’s Josh Allen, U/13’s Derryn Harrison, U/14’s Joe Cox, U/15’s Brandon Kent, U/16’s Kai Leonard.

5 Year Service Awards. Sam Jones, Joe Mountcastle, Reiss Miller, Jake O’Sullivan, Liam Cremins, Jacob Lacey, Dominic Lawton, Tom Cox, Ellis Craven, Adam Rothwell, Luke Carr, Alex Vanden, Ben Howard, Bailey Lloyd, Mason Turner, Finlay Share, Joe Newton, Jordan Booth, Lucas Allen, William Kent, Shaun Haywood, Josh Allen, Robert Boardman, Ethan Haynes, Dylan Meredith.

10 Year Service Awards. Elliott Hogben, Kai Leonard.

Manager of the Year - Gareth Kent
Development Award - Ellis Adamson.
Bridgford Shield - U/9’s Hurricanes,
Mike Bridgford Award - U/11’s Thunder.
Barry Salisbury Award - Scott Craven.

*Special Thanks go to Committee Members Colin Duff, Paula James, Phil Lockett, Sean Cox and Martin Belcher who all played a major part in organising the events*

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