POSTED: July 30 2017 17:54:09. By Keith Long - 2017 Presentation Event (Part Two)

Part Two of the Junior Section Presentation took place on Sunday 2nd July and on this occasion it was the Under 11's to Under 16's teams who celebrated the 2016/2017 season. The individual trophy winners in each age group were as follows:-

UNDER 11's STORM. Player of the Year - Ben Delaney, Manager's Merit - Johny Walsh, Sportsman of the Year - Josh Everall. UNDER 11's TORNADOES. Player of the Year - Jack Fitton, Manager's Merit - Theo Valentine, Sportsman of the Year - Rafael Silveira.

UNDER 12's STORM. Player of the Year - Rome Hodson, Manager's Merit - Damion Broughton, Sportsman of the Year - Ben Howard. UNDER 12's THUNDER. Player of the Year - Sebastian Higson, Manager's Merit - Jake Glass, Sportsman of the Year - Prince Idusuyi. UNDER 12's TORNADOES. Player of the Year - Alan Kay, Manager's Merit - Jamie Butterworth, Sportsman of the Year - Ronan Courtney.

UNDER 13's STORM. Player of the Year - Sam Sanders, Manager's Merit - Jordan Booth, Sportsman of the Year - George Moorhouse. UNDER 13's TORNADOES. Player of the Year - Billy Wadeson, Manager's Merit - Jace Whale, Sportsman of the Year - Fernley Davies.

UNDER 14's TORNADOES. Player of the Year - Joe Bardsley, Manager's Merit - Leighton White, Sportsman of the Year - Joe Horrocks.

UNDER 15's STORM. Player of the Year - Marcus Belcher, Manager's Merit - Will Timmins, Sportsman of the Year - Jack Wild.

UNDER 16's TORNADOES. Player of the Year - Kieran Alley, Manager's Merit - Charlie James, Sportsman of the Year - Cameron Peacock.

Manager of the Year - Sean Cox.

Colin Roden Memorial Trophy - UNDER 11's - Rafael Silveira, UNDER 12's - Dominic Lawton, UNDER 13's - Dominic Green, UNDER 14's - George Leigh, UNDER 15's - Aaron Gartley, UNDER 16's - Tom Nelson.

5 Year Awards - Theo Valentine, Adam Wood, Oliver Lomas, Lewis Wallis, Ben Delaney, Josh Everall, Elliot Taylor, Harrison Davies, Johny Walsh, Oliver Lawton, Sam Walton, Joe Hope, Patrick Walsh, Thomas Messenger, Bobby Anderson, Jace Whale.

10 Year Award - Harry Cottrill.

Mike Bridgford Team of the Year - Under 16's

League Awards. Under 11's STORM. (Salford and District Football League ) - Supplementary Cup Winners. Under 13's TORNADOES. (Salford and District Football League) - Supplementary Cup Finalists. Under 15's STORM. (Salford and District Football League) - Supplementary Cup Winners. Under 16's TORNADOES. (Bolton Bury & District Football League) - Section C Champions & Players Cup Runners-Up. Under 17's YOUTH. (Timperley and District Football League) - Bundesliga Division Cup Winners & Division 3 Cup Winners 2015/2016.

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