POSTED: July 30 2016 20:17:32. By Keith Long - Search For 1977 Team Players and Photo

From information received the first team that played under the name Beechfield FC was founded in 1977. One of the players named David Kelly believes someone might still have a team photo and has made several enquiries but so far his search has proved to be unsuccessful. The full list of players from the original team are Darren Clarke 1, Robert Critchley, David Kelly, Martin Faux, Kevin Cusick, Paul Southwell, Andrew Royle, Darren Clarke 2, Sammy Naylor, John Sweeney, Simon Cusick, David Battersby.

If any of the listed players or members of their family read this article and possibly know the whereabouts of the other players please contact Club Secretary Keith Long on 07929097513 or email Hopefully you have a copy of the photo or other photos plus your memories and any interesting stories from thirty nine years ago.

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