POSTED: June 30 2019 12:08:12. By Keith Long - Junior Presentation Event 2019 (Part 1)

Swinton Park Golf Club was the venue when Beechfield United Football Club held Part 1 of their end of season 2019 Junior Presentation event. On Sunday 23rd June the teams involved were the Holding Group/Under 7's/Under 8's/Under 9's/ Under 10's/Under 11's/Under 12's/Under 15's.

Every player received an award for representing the club throughout the 2018/2019 season and the individual age group trophy winners were:-

Under 7's. Player of the Year - Oliver Cooper. Managers Merit Award - Aiden Gradwell.

Under 8's Storm. Player of the Year - Kingsley Walters. Managers Merit Award - Nathan Kay.

Under 9's Lightning. Player of the Year - Kyle Tandy. Managers Merit Award - Kaylon Salisbury. Sportsman of the Year - Oliver Eckersley.

Under 9's Tornadoes. Player of the Year - George Wadeson. Managers Merit Award - Dylan Courtney. Sportsman of the Year - Josh Beddows.

Under 9's Thunder. Player of the Year - Charlie Smethurst. Managers Merit Award - Harry Norcross. Sportsman of the Year - Ryan Vu.

Under 10's Hurricanes. Player of the Year - Oliver Hall. Managers Merit Award - Henry Errington. Sportsman of the Year - Joshua Whitehead.

Under 10's Tornadoes. Player of the Year - Thomas Robinson. Managers Merit Award - Matthew Cox. Sportsman of the Year - Charlie Backhouse.

Under 10's Lightning. Player of the Year - Jake Lewis. Managers Merit Award - Jaiesh Devani-White. Sportsman of the Year - Lewis Dean.

Under 11's Storm. Player of the Year - Coby Cleary. Managers Merit Award - Oliver Cowley. Sportsman of the Year - James Cadwaladr.

Under 11's Tornadoes. Player of the Year - Oliver Percival. Managers Merit Award - Ashley Tongue. Sportsman of the Year - Owen Hogben.

Under 11's Hurricanes. Player of the Year - Ethan Mangwiro. Managers Merit Award - Dylan Walker. Sportsman of the Year - Michael Munden.

Under 12's Lightning. Player of the Year - Matthew Corry. Managers Merit Award - Jake Barrington. Sportsman of the Year - David Oludoyi.

Under 12's Typhoon. Player of the Year - Daniel Hesketh. Managers Merit Award - Cole Winstanley. Sportsman of the Year - Sonny O'Brien.

Under 15's Tornadoes. Player of the Year - Fernley Davies. Managers Merit Award - Charlie Wallwork. Sportsman of the Year - Thomas Anderton.

Under 15's Sunday. Player of the Year - Ellis Kenny. Managers Merit Award - Clyde Barker. Sportsman of the Year - Jono Devine.

5 Year Awards. Aiden Lawton, Owen Hogben, Joel Thorndyke, Oliver Percival, Michael Walsh, Grace Belcher, Joshua Kilfoyle, Oliver Cowley, Noah O' Connor, Edward Lucas, Tanatswa Chirwa, Peter Ellis, Joseph Bothamley, Charlie Harris, Henry Grimes.

Bridgford Shield (Mini Soccer Team of the Year) - Under 10's Hurricanes.

Mike Bridgford (Team of the Year) Under 11's Storm.

Colin Roden Manager of the Year. Gareth Booth.

Colin Roden Memorial Trophy. Under 7' - Thomas Brady. Under 8's - Harry Wallis. Under 9's - Charlie Nuttall. Under 10's - Charlie Green. Under 11's - Aiden Lawton. Under 12's - Joseph Bothamley. Under 15's - Lucas Allen.

Development Award. Daniel Wharton.

Barry Salisbury Award. Oscar Courtney.

League Awards.
Under 10's Hurricanes (Salford & Districts Football League) Supplementary Cup Winners.
Under 11's Storm (SDFL) Supplementary Cup Winners.
Under 12's Typhoon. (SDFL) Supplementary Cup Runners-Up.
Under 12's Lightning (SDFL) Division 3 Runners-Up.
Under 13's Tornadoes (SDFL) Supplementary Cup Runners-Up.
Under 14's Storm. (SDFL) Division 1 Runners-Up and Challenge Tournament Runners Up.
Under 15's Sunday. (Timperley & District League) Division 4 Runners-Up.
First Team. (Manchester Football League) Gilgryst Cup Runners-Up.

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