POSTED: May 30 2022 15:12:45. By Keith Long - U/9's Hurricanes Match Report (21/5/2022)

For their last league game of the season Beechfield Hurricane U9's travelled to Swinton FC knowing it was going to be a tough game playing against 2 of there former team mates. (Report by Ian Lee)

*With Beechfield missing there No.1 goal keeper Finn Lee volunteered himself to go in goal for the first half. With Swinton getting the game under away Beechfield got stuck in from the first whistle putting the pressure onto Swinton they displayed great passion to show they had the confidence to take on a team 2 leagues higher than themselves, This soon showed with Swinton playing some great passing football and getting a shot on goal and having it slot beyond Beechy's volunteer GK. This didn't let the heads of Beechfield go down as they knew what type of game this was going to be and soon after Beechfield restarted the game Swinton took back control and again passing the ball around but as ball bounced around the Beechfield area Swinton reacted quicker to slot home a 2nd goal.

With Beechfield still going for it playing some good football themselves with Raheem Raji taking control on the right hand side putting in some strong challenges to show the Hurricanes were eager to get stuck in. The ball was crossed from the flank and with striker Mason McHugh-Davies also getting stuck in challenging for the ball it bounced up and hit a Swinton arm in the penalty area. With Mason setting himself a target to reach he took charge and full of confidence confidently fired the ball into the top corner of the net from the resulting spot-kick. With all smiles on the Beechfield faces they cracked on with some good football again down both wings and some tough battling in the middle of the pitch but Swinton showed they were slightly more on top with the ball falling to former player Gino who took a strong strike from outside of the box putting it into the bottom corner. Shortly after Beechfield got started again but Swinton won the ball back and got a 4th goalin quick concession and with the 1st half coming to a close Beechy goalkeeper Finn Lee pulled off 3 brilliant saves one after another to keep it to only 4 goals for the hosts.

In the the second half the Hurricanes changed their goalkeeper and winger Myles volunteered himself to take over from Finn and Beechfield were forced to change their keeper after their main goalkeeper Charlie was unavailable. Swinton showed there class by scoring a 5th and 6th goal in short time after Myles made a couple of saves but as Swinton piled on the pressure the hosts added two more goals. Once again the Hurricanes players didn't let the heads go down and responded with some great runs down both wings from Raheem and now winger Finn and Beechy tried to find there way back into the game and get themselves a 2nd goal but the defence and goalkeeper of Swinton kept it to a minimum. With Swinton not easing up another former Beechfield player Kash got a goal following what Beechfield knew all about after one of his runs down the wing.

The scoreline regarding this game doesn't take away the brilliant Hurricanes performance and all the confidence they have built up through their first season off football for all of the boys. Each and every one of the kids should be superbly proud of themselves on how far they have come.

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