POSTED: November 18 2021 21:21:01. By Keith Long - Beechy Ladies Team Suffer 2-0 Home Defeat

In the Greater Manchester Womens League on Sunday 14th November 2021 Beechy Ladies lost 2-0 at home to AFC Oldham 2005 Womens Team.

Kicking-off this Division 1 fixture Beechy made the worst possible start when they conceded the opening goal in the first thirty seconds. Forcing three successive throw-ins and a corner Beechy went close to an equaliser but the visitors keeper dealt confidently with the early threat. There was some great defending from Julie Ward and Monique Pollard when AFC Oldham created some forceful attacks down both flanks. At the end of a couple of swift attacks shots from distance by both Becky Gregory and Amie Barrett who was making her Beechy debut just missed the target. Beechy's stand-in keeper Bethany Hill made a great save after the visitors No7 had beaten the offside trap and fired the ball at the target from just inside the area. When AFC Oldham kept the pressure on Beechy's defence with more swift counter-attacks Monique Pollard, Kirsten Elrick and Julie Ward produced brilliant well timed ball winning tackles.

Beechy continued to find the visitors defence hard to breakdown after creating several chances following great link-up play between Stacy Partridge, Becky Topping and Becky Gregory. Making two substitutions Beechy replaced Stacy and Kirsten with Ashleigh Morris and Megan Mirfield who were instantly involved in the fast action. AFC Oldham wanted a penalty after the ball had struck Julie Ward's hand but the female referee used common sense and waved away the appeal. After a brief stoppage due an injury to a visitors player Sophie Addison and Aimee Greenwood changed positions on the pitch and once again Beechy went close to an equalising goal. Under pressure Shauna Smith produced three vital headed clearances during another well controlled spell of attacking play from the visitors.

Amie Barratt continued to be the driving force as Beechy worked hard to get a better foothold in the match and Becky Gregory and Ashleigh Morris won more of the 50/50 challenges in midfield. Just before half time Aimee Greenwood jinked her way past two opponents and her pass found Becky Topping who was just off target with a shot from about eighteen yards. Another recent new signing Aimee Armsden made her Beechy debut when she replaced Becky Gregory in midfield at the start of the second half and a shot by Aimee went just wide after a jinking run by Sophie Addison. Beechy now displayed more aggression all over the pitch with an equalising goal very much on the cards and set-up by Becky Topping an effort by Ashleigh Morris curled over the crossbar.

Monique Pollard and Shauna Smith resuced Beechy with some top-class defending and twice Bethany Hill made brilliant saves when the visitors upped the tempo. AFC Oldham kept a tight grip on the game and Beechy made another couple of substitions when this time Rosie Moorcroft replaced Becky Topping and minutes later Stacy Partridge returned in place of Amie Barrett. An effort from Aimee Armsden was well held by the visitors keeper and making more roll-on-roll-off substitutions Beechy replaced Ashleigh Morris and Aimee Greenwood with Becky Gregory and Hannah Walker. Shauna Smith took over as Beechy's goalkeeper and Bethany Hill who moved into the back four was quickly having to deal with some lively attacking play from the visitors.

An attack down the left wing resulted in AFC Oldham scoring their second goal when the ball was crossed low into the area and a visitors forward managed to send it into the corner of the net. Producing their best period of attacking football in the latter stages Beechy created several decent chances as they continually faced a stubborn AFC Oldham defensive unit. Twice brave goalkeeping from Shauna Smith plus great defending by Monique Pollard and Bethany Hill denied the visitors a third goal. Efforts by Player of the Match Amie Barrett and Sophie Addison almost earned Beechy a late consolation goal within the final few minutes. Beechy are at home again on 21/11/2021 when they meet Hyde United Womens Team.

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