POSTED: December 02 2022 21:20:46. By Keith Long - Kennedy Chirwa A Real Grassroots Football Legend

Lets salute Beechfield United Junior Team Manager Kennedy Chirwa who during October and November 2022 was in South Africa coaching the children from Lakeview Primary School in Soweto.

*The trip to South Africa came about as a result of Kennedy wanting to expand the knowledge and experience he had gained and how he could put it to use on the African continent. Through his limited experience Kennedy had seen that involvement in sport literally transforms the lives of some of the children/families he had worked with over the years so he wanted to spread those benefits. Kennedy managed to get an agreement with Lakeview Primary School in Soweto and was working there 3 days a week for 3 weeks, coaching on average for about 4 hours a day. Sessions ranged from coaching full classes of about 40 pupils to some sessions which came about when some children approached Kennedy and said they had seen their peers having fun and wanted to participate and during that time Kennedy believes he worked with more than 300 children, both boys and girls.

Focus was on mainly getting the children participating and the ABC (Agility, Balance and Cordination) and just having fun with it and fun was definately had. Kennedy said Special thanks go to Beechfield United Football Club for donating kits, old boots and boots collected. Harry Sheridan of AirCon Spares for donating some money and paying for shipping and Kennedy's employer SPI Piling for donating 3 Laptops which were forwarded onto Lakeview Primary School.

A message sent to Kennedy read, all the help you gave us was and will continue to be appreciate. Please never undervalue good gestures because small to you is big to others. On behalf of the children of Lakeview Primary School thank you very much.

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