POSTED: October 10 2022 10:43:14 By Keith Long - Ian Lee's U/10's Hurricanes Match Report 8/10/2022

What an unbelievable performance from the Hurricanes today. The results the last few weeks have been hard for the boys, but there effort has never been in doubt ever.

Today in the first group game of the cup, against a strong Monton side who have always had the better of us in previous clashes . Beechy were at it from the start, a small narrow pitch played into our hands as nobody can deny we press with speed and today backed up every single player. It was a joy to see. We have lacked confidence to shoot but today the shackles were off and the boys had one thing in mind, shoot.... Kenny with two with one being a deflection from a corner where Assistant Steve gave Kenny the perfect instruction and it worked, Kenny playing as a defender is a sight to behold and leading his team like an ultimate professional, he managed to grab another at the end. A few stand out performances today but I can't name everyone, they all worked so hard and celebrated as a team should.

Myles was in full flow and we had the sheer joy of watching him and his amazing celebrations three times with a superb Hat-trick and was full of confidence, another player that falls into this category today was Finn, as a coach and a parent it's hard to at times to tap into your own sons confidence, and the last few weeks something has been missing, but with a rousing team talk at the start from our ever supportive parents it gave Finn the belief to get back at what he does best, and that's at pace with the ball. He is also the one that will not look upto to shoot and today got his shots off extremely well.

Lewis, Ethan, Jenson, Raheem all worked so hard when asked to do a role for the team, and I'd not swap anyone of these kids. For anybody ...

Last to get a mention..

I had to stop myself from getting emotional at the end praising this young boy, as nobody should ever go through what this extraordinary boy has been through. Charlie Berry..... It's clear to anyone watching us train, play games, or just mess around, Charlie is loved by everyone and the support and love we have for him and his family will always remain strong.

Today he "Became" a Goalkeeper, it's always been there but today was a performance of maturity beyond his young years, everything we work on was there today, and he is the bravest young Goalkeeper iv'e ever seen.

A convincing 1-5 victory the first of the season.

Two very proud coaches In myself and Steve, and the exciting part is, there is so much more to improve on.

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