POSTED: October 29 2019 21:26:58. By Keith Long - Spotlight On Beechfield United U/7's Storm

Beechfield United's new team for 2019/2020 the Under 7's Storm kicked-off their first season in the Salford and Districts League on Saturday 5th October. Here is a brief update on how the young generation have progressed after their first three games.

Manager Ian Lee pointed out that his team started a few weeks after the other Beechy teams as he didn't have enough players, but luck was on his side when three players joined the squad towards the end of summer. Ian also added that he has been blessed with a fantastic bunch of kids and wonderful understanding parents. The opening fixture of the season was a home game with Salford Storm Tornadoes and without playing any friendlies or knowing anything about the opposition Beechy went into the game blind and sensible instructions from the team coaches was have fun and enjoy the game. All the players Maxwell Akhtar, Kasope Alo, Kai Barker, Archie Charles, Rian Cox, Gino Fierro, Alfie Morris and Maxwell Omotayo were ready to kick-start their season and it was a special occasion for Alfie who has been with the club since he could walk waiting the join the team, was made captain for the day and only the ninth squad member Finn Lee was unavailable on the day. Ian Lee said he was very nervous before the game not knowing what to expect and with three substitutes to manage it appeared to be a tough task but after the first minute he began to relax. The boys were full of energy and what impressed Ian most for 6 and 7 year olds was the shape the team kept throughout. There will be tougher games ahead but winning in a very convincing style was reward for a fantastic Beechy performance.

12/10/2019. Storm's second game was against Salford Storm Thunderbolts and this fixture was reversed to Thunderbolts ground. Rumours were that United's opponents were one of the better teams in the Saturday Division so to come away with a winning 6-3 score line was just superb.

19/10/2019. Game number three at home to Salford Storm Cyclones impressed Ian the most, but the pitch conditions were terrible, the grass was so long you couldn't see part of the players legs. The Beechy boys were told not to pass the ball to much on the poor playing surface and what happened next is something Ian will never forget. In the first half Beechy looked so comfortable and the use of the ball from such a young age group was a joy to watch. Ian has promised that if his team ever manage to string 10 passes together then he will sprint round the pitch, luckily for him the team just fell short. Salford Storm had a tremendously brave young goalkeeper and without him Beechy would easily have hit double figures in the first half however they struggled to find the back of the net, and that's something to work on in the future. The conditions effected both teams in the 2nd half as they both seemed to lose energy which was no real surprise. Beechy responded with such a positive attitude when asked to keep working and ran out 5-3 winners and yet again the boys got a footballing education.

Whatever happens during the rest of the season is unknown but what Ian knows is that he has a very special bunch of players and their enjoyment will always come first before any match result. Ian added he is a strong believer in only sending positive messages to his players, while also one by one helping them develop as much as they want to, at this age its all about just playing but in time the boys will realise football is played within the mind more than the feet. Being given the chance to do what is a big passion for Ian he has the luxury of learning the ropes this season with the help of the excellent Shane Flanagan and Gary Davies who coach the boys, knowing they will be there for advice in the next few years.

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